Sefa Clamshell

The Clamshell is a space-saving clam press that is affordable, easy to use, and ideal for businesses that are just starting up and for small flex and screen transfer runs.


Sefa Clamshell
Heat press working area of 40 x 50 cm with the possibility moving aside drawers facilitate insertion of textiles, view accessible version (with automatic lifting and manual move aside, with automatic lifting and move aside).

Manually (ECLAM 50 REL) or automatic (ECLAM 50 AUTO) opening transfer heat pres


  • Space-saving
  • Affordable
  • Different platen sizes available
  • Pre-heat time
  • Dual item counter
  • Designed and manufactured in France
  • Two-year machine warranty
  • Ten-year warranty on heating elements

Electronics :

  • Electronics developed by Sefa
  • Accurate and fast regulation (PID control)
  • Double timer (main + pre-heat)
  • 2 cycle counters
  • 3 settable programs
  • Stop cycle function