Helios Laser Cutter

A unique solution to cut textile by laser with high accuracy.
Helios has been specifically designed to save time and reduce costs for sign industry companies that are producing large and grand format printings. It allows an optimum use of printed fabrics; avoid problems of shrinkage and frayed textiles as well as manual measurements. With its 3500 x 8000 mm (11,5 ft x 26,25 ft), Helios offers the largest flat cutting area on the market.


– Servo engine
– Double lens head
– Height adjustable table
– Water cooled
– A quiet air compressor
– Excellent value for money
– Excellent reliability and performance
– European quality
– Two years warranty on the machine and one year on tubes

Helios Laser Cutter

| Dimensions (W X D x H)1053x753x490 mm, 1283x853x490 mm, 1530x1100x1150 mm, 1830x1360x1200 mm, 2100x1550x1300 mm, 2650x1600x1300 mm |

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