Demo & Used Machines

Dipa serves as an agent in the sale of used sublimation printers,engravers and other machines. On this page you will find an overview of the used machines we are currently able to offer.
We use our expertise to ensure proper evaluation of the condition of each sublimation machine. Whether you are looking to sell one of your old machine or buy a used sublimation printer, Dipa is able to assist in the process. We operate with used machines on a daily basis and are always able to offer an array of choices.


The current product range also includes tools for further processing, as well as cutting plotters and printers for industrial applications in advertising technology, lettering and outdoor advertising. Renowned manufacturers from all over the world are represented by DATAPLOT. The finished products and systems are distributed worldwide. Often, the combination of experiences in the use of EMBLEM media and the right machine and software components results in new solutions and application ideas. The system concept is firmly anchored in DATAPLOT. Customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for DATAPLOT’s business success. This includes the technical service praised by satisfied users and the good availability of spare parts.

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